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January 2017

Winter Stores Cooking

For a number of our CSA years, we took the season year round. Members began the first week in June, and came faithfully EVERY WEEK for meat, veggies, and eggs until the very next June. It was pretty unheard of for... Continue Reading →

Simplifying the baby years

We celebrated Anabel's first birthday on Sunday (she shares a birthday with MLK!). We did some of the typical things. We sang her happy birthday and lit a candle. She got to smash her face in a cupcake. Well, let's... Continue Reading →

Roast Chicken…in the wood-fired cookstove!

One of the homesteading adjustments I'm most curious about is how it will be to cook in a wood-fired cookstove. I really have no idea how steep the learning curve will be--how much we'll be prone to burn things or... Continue Reading →

Getting ready to live in a barn

Lord willin' and the crik don't rise (one of Tim's favorite phrases), we're about to live in a barn. We just came off the Christmas season, so I've got lots of fun nativity images of us co-mingling with docile cows... Continue Reading →

The vague verbage of homesteading

If you find yourself on this blog, you probably know: homesteading blogs are a "thing" (I follow quite a few myself...Homestead Honey and The Elliott Homestead are two of my favorites). And of course, homesteading itself is a "thing." And yet...the term... Continue Reading →

Bittersweet Beginnings

We're about to leave one family farm for another. We don't deserve much of a pity party, I suppose--we're certainly aware that having access to not just one but TWO family farms is an incredible privilege many can only dream of.... Continue Reading →

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