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February 2018

Reclaimed Greenhouse

Meet our reclaimed, upcycled greenhouse. Or that's what I'm choosing to call it. You could also call it a last-minute, schlepped- together, randomly-constructed greenhouse. If you were a local around here and happened to have a disparaging view of neighboring... Continue Reading →

(Sourdough) Pizza & Friends

Our dear friends, Caitlin and Garrett, traveled up from Birmingham last week (along with their dream of a 7-month-old, Asa) for a much needed reunion. We camped out in a family friend's cabin just up the mountain from our place,... Continue Reading →

Money, money, money: Part 2

Another week down with plenty of money flowing out of our bank account (this week the cash money went towards drywall--we're FINALLY about ready to hang drywall!), and zilch money coming in. Last week I wrote about the business model/growing... Continue Reading →

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