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March 2018

Building Lessons

I seem to discover new muscles with every phase of this barn conversion. I came in this evening from a full day of drywall mudding (nearly as much 'mud' on me as the walls, I think), and realized the palm... Continue Reading →

Life outside the barn

Whelp, I'm happy to report that there are currently no trees on our barn! I haven't written since the two-plus weeks that those darn trees came crashing down, but thanks to the expertise and heavy-duty machinery of some tree removal... Continue Reading →

The best-made plans…

There's a tree on our barn/future house. Actually, two trees. Two large pine trees that fell quietly on a windy night and greeted us with their jaw-dropping, tear-inducing, absurdly-beautiful presence the next morning. It wasn't the best start to a... Continue Reading →

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