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Sun Trials

Hello again. There's lots I could update you on since the months that Mona has been born; since the farming season has started in earnest; since my season of full-time parenting has started in earnest. But for now I'll just... Continue Reading →

Stillness Disciplines

Tomorrow will mark one month since Mona Sage entered the world. Mona came in her own time. I mentioned in my last post that I was hoping to VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), but that my midwifery practice only wanted... Continue Reading →

Turning towards a new season

Happy due date to me! Seeing as there are only four hours left on this last day of February, chances are looking pretty slim that I'll be delivering this baby early or on the due date. Ah, well... I've been... Continue Reading →

Things just got real

Well, hello again. Remember how I wrote a post in September and apologized for the months that had lapsed since my last post? I believe at the time we had just welcomed some adorable baby chicks to our place. Well,... Continue Reading →

Energy Questions

Nope, this blog post's not about questioning my personal energy level--though those questions have certainly crossed my mind of late. Life continues to be chock-full. The rush of preparing for market has now translated into a new (and busy) weekly... Continue Reading →

Homestead Women

I'm sitting down to begin this blog post on Mother's Day morning. I'll admit, I'm a bit cynical about Mother's Day. Not that I'm against the idea of celebrating/honoring our mothers--for many of us, mothers (and fathers) do an incredible... Continue Reading →

Getting our wheels spinning

Happy Earth Day! I'll be honest: I often let Earth Day pass me by without noticing, which is kind of ironic given how much of our lives are oriented around land and soil and earth. Given my poor Earth Day... Continue Reading →

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