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Sun Trials

Hello again. There's lots I could update you on since the months that Mona has been born; since the farming season has started in earnest; since my season of full-time parenting has started in earnest. But for now I'll just... Continue Reading →

Things just got real

Well, hello again. Remember how I wrote a post in September and apologized for the months that had lapsed since my last post? I believe at the time we had just welcomed some adorable baby chicks to our place. Well,... Continue Reading →

Yogurt making (oven-light method while I still can!)

Life is hopping here. The gardens are exploding with greens and radishes and onions and the accompanying work that comes with such explosions. We're slowly building the general infrastructure we need for our market gardens (irrigation, high tunnel, etc). We've... Continue Reading →

(Sourdough) Pizza & Friends

Our dear friends, Caitlin and Garrett, traveled up from Birmingham last week (along with their dream of a 7-month-old, Asa) for a much needed reunion. We camped out in a family friend's cabin just up the mountain from our place,... Continue Reading →

Winter Stores Cooking

For a number of our CSA years, we took the season year round. Members began the first week in June, and came faithfully EVERY WEEK for meat, veggies, and eggs until the very next June. It was pretty unheard of for... Continue Reading →

Roast Chicken…in the wood-fired cookstove!

One of the homesteading adjustments I'm most curious about is how it will be to cook in a wood-fired cookstove. I really have no idea how steep the learning curve will be--how much we'll be prone to burn things or... Continue Reading →

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