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Coping with Rain

Got back this afternoon from a VERY soppy farmer's market day, which followed a VERY soppy week in general. We managed to make some sales at market this morning, but it felt like I spent most of the second half... Continue Reading →

Energy Questions

Nope, this blog post's not about questioning my personal energy level--though those questions have certainly crossed my mind of late. Life continues to be chock-full. The rush of preparing for market has now translated into a new (and busy) weekly... Continue Reading →

Succession Planting

We got the roof replaced this past week! It was an INTENSE few days. We kept scheduling a roof replacement day on various Saturdays, so some friends who work during the week could come help us. But every time we... Continue Reading →

Orchard Resurrection

"Farming wisely essentially means we are working to heal. To make things whole. To foster the connections among the birds and the bees and the trees and ourselves. Everything shifts when looked at in this light. Producing fruit is not about manipulating... Continue Reading →

Life outside the barn

Whelp, I'm happy to report that there are currently no trees on our barn! I haven't written since the two-plus weeks that those darn trees came crashing down, but thanks to the expertise and heavy-duty machinery of some tree removal... Continue Reading →

Reclaimed Greenhouse

Meet our reclaimed, upcycled greenhouse. Or that's what I'm choosing to call it. You could also call it a last-minute, schlepped- together, randomly-constructed greenhouse. If you were a local around here and happened to have a disparaging view of neighboring... Continue Reading →

Money, money, money: Part 1

You could say that we're in financial transition. Which would be a diplomatic way to say we're not earning any money right now. We've been expecting this income-gap for a while, and though there's certainly some anxiety that comes with... Continue Reading →

The No-Plow-Make-Do Method

Whelp, I hit my first blogging slump. I knew when I started this little blogging adventure that it would be hard to make time for writing in the midst of packing up our current farm operation, building out the barn... Continue Reading →

Garden: Downsized

Spring seems to be coming early to our little valley in Southeastern, PA, although winter likely still has some surprises in store for us (in fact, looks like it's going to plunge to 12 Saturday night after being 70+yesterday!). The 60-70... Continue Reading →

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